Sponsors and Partners of the Small Satellite Program

We appreciate the financial, technical, and material support from many different companies. Our satellites use only flight-worthy hardware components. The quality and service of the various donors has been extraordinary.

Space Dynamics Lab

The Space Dynamics Laboratory, a Unit of the USU Research Foundation, is a nonprofit research corporation owned by Utah State University. Charged with applying basic research to the technology challenges presented in the military and science arenas, SDL has developed revolutionary solutions that are changing the way the world collects and uses data. SDL continues to lead the way in the development of sensors and supporting technologies. SDL is the primary partner of the Small Satellite Program. Follow the link below to learn about the annual Small Satellite Conference in Logan, Utah.

  Small Satellite Conference
Air Force Research Laboratory

The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), located in Albuquerque NM, has been the coordinator of the Nanosat program for many years. AFRL contributes with engineering support, advising and access to launch systems.

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) is the premier technical society for the aerospace industry in the United States. Their mission is "to advance the arts, sciences, and technology of aeronautics and astronautics, and to promote the professionalism of those engaged in these pursuits."
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

NASA has contributed for many years to the development and research of the USU Small Satellite Program through various programs. NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center is one of the sponsors of the Nanosat Program and represents the launch provider with the Shuttle Transportation System.


The Air Force Office of Scientific Research is also contributing to the Nanosat program as one of the principal sponsors.

C & R Technologies
C&R Technologies provides products and services in the areas of heat transfer and fluid flow design and analysis. Their heat transfer and fluid flow software products are routinely used by several industries for heat transfer and fluid flow modeling in a multitude of applications. Thermal design of our small satellites has been greatly advanced using this software.

Nusil has been contributing as a key provider of photovoltaic cell epoxy since the first USUsat I program. Their product has been selected because of Nusil's quality in ensuring excellent bonding between the solar cells and structure in the harsh vacuum environment while maintaining low outgassing characteristics.

Futura Industries
Futura Industries has donated their adaptable T-Slot product for the construction of a transportation module and other tooling devices.

Photovoltaic cells provided by Emcore have been praised for their high efficiency and flight heritage in passed space programs. The Small Satellite Program at USU currently utilizes GaAS cells for their current mission with full satisfaction.


To satisfy low outgassing requirements for epoxy used in the harsh space environment, USU has selected the Loctite Hysol product line for its high strength quality and durability. Loctite has been a principal contributor for many space missions including several JPL programs.


3M has been selected by the Small Satellite program to be the principal contributors for harness epoxy such as the RTV 145. With its low outgassing properties, the RTV products have been used in many product applications in the space industry worldwide.

Quality Plating

Quality Plating specializes in metal coating and surface treatments that must satisfy Mil specifications. Located in Salt City, Utah, Quality Placing Co. has an extensive history and experience in various industries. Quality Plating provides space approved plating for SDL and the Small Satellite Program team. Their service and quality is unmatched.

Tyco Electronics

Tyco Electronics is the principal distributor of space approved electrical connectors to the Small Satellite Program. With their NASA and MIL specifications approved products; Tyco Electronics has contributed for multiple missions at SDL/USU.

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