The Small Satellite Program at USU

The Small Satellite Program at Utah State University (USU) gains from the rich space heritage of both Utah State University and the Space Dynamics Lab (SDL) to design small satellites and scientific experiments. Students at Utah State University send more experiments into space than any other universities in the world! With this background the Small Satellite Program establishes a solid environment where engineers are free to create from concept to full fabrication, test and flight.

The Small Satellite Program team is made of faculty members and aerospace engineering students with the collaboration of professional engineers from the Space Dynamics Laboratory in Logan, Utah. This synergy brings highly motivated and specialized engineers that are ready to answer to your needs. From small rockets to small satellites design, the team approaches space system engineering with hardware design and integration in order to control the development up to final realization.

One of the greatest engineering achievements of the Small Satellite Program is the development of a modular platform that can adapt to your needs in terms of technology demonstration, science and other missions.

The Small Satellite Program vision

  • Strengthen USU's presence in the U.S. small satellite community to attract partners, customers, funding and accumulate flight heritage and hardware autonomy development to control lead time and costs.
  • Provide the first USU modular micro-satellite platform for USU/SDL that can adapt to multiple missions.
  • Provide a platform that can be fabricated in < 1 yr at low cost in an academic, semi-professional or professional environment according to customers' needs.
  • Creation of sub-system hardware that can be integrated to the platform on a continuous improvement basis.
  • Subsystems that can be integrated to the platform with C&DH, Communication, Power, Software, Deployable Mechanism, ADCS, Decking Capability and Thermal Control.
  • Establish a platform that can be integrated to ESPA, Lightband or other international launcher standards



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