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Preliminary Design Review in Logan, UT

August 11,2005
Josh George

The Nanosat 4 Preliminary Design Review was recently held at Utah State University in Logan, Ut. The USUSat team presented functioning satellite hardware as well as the preliminary design of a new science mission. There was also a hardware demonstration on the new ultrasonic consolidation fabrication technique that USU will be using for future satellite development.

USUSat attends Student Hands On Training (SHOT)

June 16, 2005
Matthew Carney

Utah State University’s Small Satellite Program sent four students to participate in the Student Hands on Training (SHOT) Workshop at the University of Colorado in Boulder, CO June 9 through June 11. This training was intended to instruct students in space systems by flying a high altitude balloon payload.

The “BalloonSats” gathered temperature and pressure data, conducted a solar cell experiment and gathered images of the ascent and decent. The balloon was launched in Deer Trail, CO and landed near Woodrow, CO. The image to the right was taken by USU’s payload at approximately 96,000 ft.

End to end testing of the power subsystem brings TOROID to life

May 27, 2005
Josh George

Until now, the production of energy through the solar cells, the storage of energy in the battery, and the distribution of energy to the electronics of TOROID were all performed independently.

An end to end test has been performed to integrate the three power phases into one system. Three 500 Watt halogen lamps and one 200 Watt bulb were used to blanket the solar cells on one panel with radiative energy. This energy was used to charge the battery.

Small Satellite Program Announces New Website

April 16, 2005
Josh George

The Small Satellite Program has created a website to inform the public of the program, attract the aerospace community, and provide a tool for members of the program. The website contains information about the Small Satellite Program as well as products which have emerged from the program.

USU Chosen to participate in the 4th University Nanosatellite Competition!

March 15, 2005
Josh George

Utah State University has participated in two nanosatellite competitions so far. The competitions have pushed students to move designs from the drawing board to integration of real hardware. USU has shown its ability to create a dynamic bus that can be adapted for various missions. For this reason, USU hopes to have a tremendous advantage over other universities. A new structure will not need to be designed, but new science missions and engineering demostrations will be adapted to the current bus.


USU Receives Recognition for Attending the 3rd University Nanosatellite Competition!

January 12, 2005
Josh George

USU was awarded this plaque for its participation in the Nanosatellite Competition held at the Reno Hilton in Nevada.


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